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A+ Underpinners

We have a full range of A+ Automation Pneumatic & Electronic Underpinner machines.

If you are unsure about the model or machine that you require please send us a message at or call us to discuss your needs and expectations of the machines.

  • A44 Pneumatic Underpinner

    A44 Pneumatic Underpinner

    The A44-P has been designed for ease of operation and it is particularly well suited for assembling medium and larger frames. It can join all types of moulding with precision using special steel A+ wedges, which are manufactured in several...

  • A5-Memo TS

    A5-Memo TS

    This machine has been designed for the production framer that requires high speed assembly and has frequent changeovers. Its technology is the “state of the art” and allows you to store an almost endless amount of programs. The programs can...

  • A6-Memo TS A6-Memo TS

    A6-Memo TS

    The A6-MemoTS+ is the evolution of the electronic frame assembly machine A5-MemoTS. With the same ease of use, speed and precision assembly, the A6-Memo TS+ model has a magazine composed of five channels which contain five sizes of special steel wedges:...