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Cassese 939

  • Short Belt (939)

    This part is used on the blade bearing assembly, the belt is one of two used on each side of the cutting machine. When these belts become worn or slack the machine will be noisier when starting up and may also lose power if very loose. If they break the...

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  • Black Tip

    These rubber tips are used on the saws vertical clamps, they will often wear and can eventually cause marks on the moulding. When worn they will also not clamp as firmly so should be changed when signs of damage are present. This is for 1 x E-tip please...

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  • Long Drive Belt (939 Saw)

    These belts will wear over time, become slack, or damaged due to loose moulding and general wear. They should be checked for tension and damage then replaced if necessary. It is advisable to change these as a pair. MFG: Z1851 Compatible with 939 Saw

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  • Black Tip (with Holder)

    The rubber tips can become difficult to remove from the holder; often the holder will then become damaged. If this is the case the we would advise that you replace the whole part, making it easier to replace next time. MFG: Z16029 Compatible with all...

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  • White Tip (Horizontal Clamp)

    These white tips are found on the end of the horizontal clamping mechanisms. There are two per machine and they are important for effectively clamping and holding the moulding in position ready for cutting. MFG: Z2607

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  • Waste Support (939)

    This part holds the waste piece between the two mitres, it performs an important role of holding the waste piece secure during the cut; this ensures that the moulding cuts cleanly. If this part is excessively worn you should replace it to avoid a loss in...

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