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CSONE & CS20 Spare Parts

We have a full range of spare parts available for Cassese Automation CSONE & CS20 underpinner machines, if you cannot find the parts you are looking for please contact us as we will be happy to help and have access to all spare parts for current machines.

If you are unsure of the part required please send a clear photograph of the part needed to us at and we can help to identify this part for you.

Alternatively you can contact us directly to arrange a full service of your machines, where we can replace the faulty parts for you.

  • 30mm Green Bung

    30mm Green Bung

    This bung is useful for hard woods due to its rigidity of the material and is particularly effective for use with uneven or shaped profiles due to its round shape. Note: You must ensure that you also have the correct holder for the round bungs MFG: Z1791...

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  • 45mm Green Bung

    45mm Green Bung

    This is a long green bung that can be used for all Cassese underpinners, it is most effective for use with hard woods and has a real advantage with shallow mouldings because of its length.   Note: You must have the correct holder to take the...

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  • Black Triangle (Hard)

    This pressure pad is most effective for use with hard woods as it is much firmer than the white pad and prevents the moulding from moving. This pad can damage or mark soft moulding and so would not be suitable for these soft materials. MFG: Z1814...

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  • Cassese Cartridge Wedges Mixed Packs

    Cassese Cartridge Wedges Mixed Packs

    For sale are a Mixed pack of Cassese cartridge wedges, this allows the user to select a combination of different wedge sizes without the need to buy lots of different packs.   We can provide these wedges in any combinations from the...

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  • Cassese UNI Hammer

    This is the short cassese hammer which is used only on their range of UNI machines. It is not compatible with the distribution block or with the cartridge machines. This part is not easy to change and should be installed by someone with experience in...

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  • Distribution Block

    Distribution Block

    This part is used to guide the hammer and the wedges during the firing process.  MFG: Z817 Compatible with all current Cassese cartridge machines

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  • Hammer


    Drives the wedges into the moulding from within the distribution block. Note: These should be replaced when there has been trouble with jammed wedges; as they can become damaged. MFG: Z506 Compatible with all current Cassese cartridge machines

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  • Hammer Retaining Screw

    A hollow sprung loaded screw that holds the hammer in position ready to fire the wedge into the moulding. This is an important part of the machine and it is advisable to always keep a spare with the machine. Note: These are often broken due to over...

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  • Pusher Finger Assembly

    Pusher Finger Assembly

    This is part of the wedge loading mechanism for most cassese underpinners, it is used to push and hold the wedges in the firing block ready for use. The most common fault with this part is when the the spring becomes weak and does not return the finger...

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  • Set of Screws For Wedge Distribution Block

    Here is a set of 6 screws for a Cassese Distribution block, these can often become rounded and require replacing to ensure that damage is not done to the thread on the distribution block. Which could become a more costly repair. Note: You will be...

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