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Older/Discontinued Models Spare Parts

We have a small range of spare parts available for older Cassese underpinners, these parts are the last that we have in stock and are no longer available from our suppliers.

If you are unsure of the part required please send a clear photograph of the part needed to us at and we can help to identify this part for you.

Alternatively you can contact us directly to arrange a full service of your machines, where we can replace the faulty parts for you.

  • Cassese 810 Hammer Retaining Screw

    Cassese 810 Hammer retaining screw is the part of the firing mechanism that holds the long 810 hammer in place when driving the wedges into the moulding. These screws are sprung loaded and are easily broken if over tightened. The Cassese 810 machine has...

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  • Cassese 810 Hammer Support

    The Cassese 810 Hammer Support is used to hold the extra long hammer for the 810 in position so that it can be drive the wedges into the moulding. The 810 is a discontinued model and there are only a few of these parts left in stock.  

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  • Cassese 810 Long Hammer

    Cassese 810 Long Hammer, this hammer is extra long and is only compatible with the cassese 810 model, which has been discontinued for some time. Only a handful of these left in stock and once they are gone we will not get any more.  

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