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Morso Spares

  • Bell Crank Lever

    The bell crank lever is used as part of the blade traverse mechanism, it is connected to the cutting head via the tie rod and handle. Together these parts allow the cutting head to be moved forwards and backwards to suit the size of the moulding and also...

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  • Draw Bow Holder

    This part is used to connect the foot pedal springs at their lowest point, this attaches the springs to the draw bow.  There are two of these parts per machine and they can often become heavily worn after a long period of time. MFG: 1915

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  • E/H Micro Switch

    Each Morso E/H machine has two micro switches, these are used to control the movement of the machine. When both are held in at the same time the machine will begin its cut cycle, if let go or faulty the machines cut cycle will be stopped. When holding...

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  • Fence Bolt

    The Fence bolts are used to secure the fences on the Morso Guillotine, used withe a removable handle they allow the fences to be adjusted for a range of angles. Once tight the bolts will hold the fence securely in place at the required angle. MFG: 1071

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  • Foot Pedal Springs

    Springs that attach the foot pedal to case of the machine and support the head in the upright position.  When worn these springs will lose tension and the head mechanism will take longer to return to the rest position. These can be adjusted but if...

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  • Morso Hand Lever

    The Morso hand lever is used to move the position of the blades from front to back. When operating the user will make small cuts part way through the moulding, moving the lever forward after each stroke until the moulding has been cut. The lever attaches...

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  • Notched Arch

    The notched arch is used to allow cutting at different stages, each notch moves the blades closer to the front fence, when cutting with the morso it is important to do more than one cut through wide mouldings to give the best quality result, if the arch...

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  • Tie Rod Lever (For Bell Crank)

    The tie rod lever is used to join the cutting head of the morso guillotine machine to the bell crank lever, it is one of the parts responsible for the smooth transition of the cutting head from front to back position.   MFG: 0406

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  • Top Spring Holder

    This part is used to connect the foot pedal springs at the top point, this attaches the springs to the body of the machine.  There are two of these parts per machine, and are fastened on the side, the position can be changed to increase/decrease the...

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