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Morso EH Spare Parts

We have a full range of spare parts available for Morso EH guillotine machines , if you cannot find the parts you are looking for please contact us as we will be happy to help and have access to all spare parts for current machines.

If you are unsure of the part required please send a clear photograph of the part needed to us at and we can help to identify this part for you.

Alternatively you can contact us directly to arrange a full service of your machines, where we can replace the faulty parts for you.

  • E/H Micro Switch

    Each Morso E/H machine has two micro switches, these are used to control the movement of the machine. When both are held in at the same time the machine will begin its cut cycle, if let go or faulty the machines cut cycle will be stopped. When holding...

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  • Fence Bolt

    The Fence bolts are used to secure the fences on the Morso Guillotine, used withe a removable handle they allow the fences to be adjusted for a range of angles. Once tight the bolts will hold the fence securely in place at the required angle. MFG: 1071

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  • Morso Blades

    Brand new set of standard blades for Morso mitre machines. In order to get the best quality result from your Morso machine it is important to ensure that they blades are sharp and readily available. It is advised that you keep a minimum of 2 sets of...

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